The Beach

The Beach
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so this is with a little editing thanks dj whoever for the mix

Alice in Wonderland 3D chromadepth (cheshire/caterpillar)

this one was a big hit its in 3D chromadepth and it was a paid commission watch the cheshire cat change to the caterpillar the video is chromadepth 3d

takes a few seconds

sometimes it may load slow please wait you`ll enjoy what you find i have lots of videos and links to great art and of coarse my work over the past few years so give it a moment to load and dont forget to subscribe if pos. i update everyday with more content and by the time you read all this babble you`ll be cool thanks for the visit your always welcome.
Gregory M. Figg
you have to love fairies and a little group of waterfalls a very large painting on recycled pine wood i salvaged its textured of coarse and has garnets and black obsidian throughout the piece its effected by light of coarse and chromadepth and u.v. sensitive
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so i think you`ll really like this painting i did a few years ago from my personal collection its special not just cause its three canvases...her expression changes and eye color from blue/green depending how the light reflects and the angle so i hope you enjoy its always intrigued me.Bon-apetite`
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Here it is in the dark ,and a picture with the lights on see the painting change throughout the day as the light in the room changes it was a process to get here it started with the first illuminated painting that i had done when i first discovered pre-mixed acrylic with strontium particles thanks to a very dear friend Vicky Bitter who happen to work with an artist Jason Baroker understudied with Tom Backer a world renowned illuminated artist Jason`s brother owned the co. Glo-nation.Now i had been working with light effected paints for years but nothing compared to this strontium alluminate particle so me me and my friend the chemist went to work on it checking it out and experimenting with my art i was creating. These pieces are th reult of this journey discovering and pushing the limits of there capability Im proud to show this culmination of work and experimentation so...

i did this painting of downtown Cincy from one of the last skywalks connecting the bis. district its lookin at the river (Ohio) Covington KY. heres another great pic i only saw one car on the road it was cincy`s finest typical here i left out bothersome signs and parked cars the lights on the cop car go red and blue ...The sidewalk is textured with pumis medium . I did the colors kinda French cafe do you like it ???

this is a very special painting to me its of a covered bridge i found in the woods behind my grandparents house there were several bridges back there with no roads leading to them and they were long forgotten back in those woods. the painting illuminates and its painted on recycled pine board it seems to touch people let me know what you think

so this is the beach painting above after it charges the light fades to this then in normal lights it looks like...this the painting below thats all the same painting just different lights im glad you like it its on recycled red wood and has acrilyc paint and pearl mica flake medium with black obsidian (fine) medium in the beach

heres a pic of the painting charging by laser you can imagine how much it can transform all u.v. light and natural light charge it and this pic is 3d chromadepth
this is an experiment a friend and i did on one of my paintings with a laser sorry bout the commercial on the tv in the background but it is kinda funny.Thing is the light your seeing that charges my painting is 3D it was kinda an accident check it out then i`ll post the new one next this has never been done that i know of
steam from the ghetto rises to meet the early morning river fog along the banks of the great Ohio river where the brave Shawnee once had there city Chilicothe we call it Cincinnati and tell ourselves its because of the roman seven hills .The seven hills that are only 6 cause Mt. Adams was added yes, its man made not natural it was built to protect the rich from the flood waters of the mighty river that you mock with your summer teeth skyscrapers....G.

the wave evolution 3D illuminated painting

so this is the piece im working on right now this photos taken while the light charges from blacklight any light will work but the UV light does charge the particles much quicker than normal house lights ill post some of it in other lighting
this is a small painting thats just been finished see what it does in the videos with lasers the future is here kiddies