The Beach

The Beach
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3D chromadepth

3D chromadepth illuminated art !!!

fairy's waterfall i haven't filmed this yet or displayed publicly its amazing how the faeries totally disappear when the daylight or indoor lights are up these two photos are the same painting one with light one in the dark under u.v.
the Ghost ship more 3D art of Gregory M. Figg
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3D art in chromadepth scroll down for more art ...
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ENJOY!!! The amazing art of Gregory M. Figg


3D art in chromadepth and they illuminate in U.V.LIGHT

here's an update for you on the piece i'm working on now work in progress
3D art in chromadepth Gregory M. Figg's 3d illuminated and illusion art that is effected by all u.v. lights and sunlight too. Some pieces change before your eyes depending on how the light in the room reflects on them .

3D chromadepth art and it's illuminated !!!
the painting below is 3D chromadepth both pics are the same painting of a bridge scroll down please more below

3D hand-painted illuminated and u.v. light sensitive art
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3D chromadepth art work by Gregory M. Figg

Greg's art videos in chromadepth 3d

a new video of the piece i consider my white whale its been a journey and here is the update
and yes its CHROMADEPTH 3D too!

Here`s a couple more on glass i have done and i`ll post some more on glass and a new illuminated one on a mirror it`s a trip so keep subscribed and SUPPORT THE ARTS!

so this painting is called "the pervert in the window" its a study in dualism if you turn the painting around there is the same girl with a different expressin and she is now behind the curtains its on an antique window frame . I`ve always liked painting on glass cause of the smooth surface leads to very perfect lines check the strands of her hair hope you like these ENJOY! G.
So i thought today i`d post up some great portraits i`ve done over the years i`ve always been drawn to do them and i hope you enjoy these as much as i did painting them. WELCOME from me personally Gregory M. Figg and my Figg Dimension..Thank You for your patronage support the arts!!!

some more great textured paintings i`ve done still have more too

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Welcome to the Figg Dimension i`m showing some great textured paintings i`ve done and thought i`d post them in a blog so heere they are thanks and come back and check in...oh and please leave your e-mail and i`ll e-mail you all the updates all info is kept guarded and private your privacy is very important to me .

so enjoy these shots and i hope you can get a better idea what its all about "MARTINI GIRLS"
gotta love these butterfly garnet shoes there not ruby slippers but they look the part don`t they...