The Beach

The Beach
Gregory M. Figg copyright(c.) rights reserved

One of the first light effected paintings i did was this piece it's called the ghost ship the water almost seems to move. The piece is on recycled pine wood i think you'll like it . These photos are all the same painting different lighting its also 3d chromadepth
these new smaller pieces are light effected also and 3d chromadepth watch the video and see them light up to a laser. Gregory M. Figg

i know i put this up before but i needed to post it under my copyright so thanks and enjoy the firestorm series video

I'll post a slide show too after the series of pictures. These photos are of the painting "morning view" i donated it to charity. Its actually the view from my own balcony in Cincinnati .Its illuminated and a favorite of mine . hope you enjoy . Oh, its chromadepth 3-d also . Its hand-painted and slightly textured.

one of my new video's in 3D chromadepth hand-painted

These two pics are of the same painting .You can see the amazing change that takes place when the painting charges in u.v. light . Its also chromadepth 3d with glasses . if you wanna view it in chromadepth get glasses at Paper Optics
Amazing 3D art galleries of Gregory M. Figg
videos and pics in chromadepth 3D scroll down and
welcome to the one and only FIGGDIMENSION!
integrity to the artistic expression , thats the most respect that can be given... Im posting this piece so experimental the world went crazy trying to upload, and embed the code .I still am amazed at the vision and courage it took thanks Whoever records for the expert mix of a before now unexplainable new dimension its best experienced ... Gregory M. Figg (artist/creator) copyright protected all rights reserved

For the first time ever you can get a limited number of signed and numbered prints of this painting they are now available at

more amazing art of Gregory M. Figg below scroll down for lots of art

illuminated in a dark room also 3-d

the pictures in this series are all of the same painting differing lights its the most recent and is still in early stages but i felt inclined to show the progress enjoy Never been seen before! Enjoy!
Gregory M. Figg