The Beach

The Beach
Gregory M. Figg copyright(c.) rights reserved

Update NEW!

Lady Gaga u.v. sensitive painting

Gregory M. Figg 2010

City Lights 2.0

City Lights 2.0

Some updated pics for "City Lights" Gregory M. Figg 2010

Lady gaga negative

Negative pic Lady Gaga and the update on the trees notice the fuzzy view its chromadepth 3-D also
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The Ghost Ship

Aye tis the fair seabird as she blows , may thy fare ye well matee salty air and a strong trade wind at yer back ... Gregory M. Figg 2010

3D "Greg's Anatomy" in chromadepth

WARNING- no humans were harmed in the making of this painting , it is 3D chromadepth

Greg's Anatomy

This piece is guaranteed to blow your mind first I'll show you what it looks like in normal light .Then one fully charged in u.v. light. The piece continues to change while it discharges until all is seen is bone structure( the painting was a reaction to The Bodies exhibit) . The piece is loaded with precious and semi-precious stones . For info in regards to this piece is available on request ,this painting is for sale ,YES the original one-of-a-kind painting contact Gregory at

All the paintings I have displayed here are hand-painted and i use natural materials . The bases i use are acrylic mixed with other raw pigments,precious & semi-precious stones and minerals . The 3D chromadepth effect is not a program or digital effect . It happens from the layering process I do and is accidental. The illumination created is an effect that strontium particles give off when charged with light beams( see laser experiment videos) or u.v. light source . The process allows me many freedoms in duality and surrealism , it lends itself to making changes in the image through the emitting of light in differing color spectrum's (after the strontium receives light it charges and gives off light for up to 12hr)Like the picture changing from daylight to night right before your eyes simply by turning the light off in the room its displayed they charge the best and quickest from sunlight or u.v.(black light) in a matter of mins.

Some recent works in chromadepth 3-d and illuminated by U.V. Light .
the 3-d chromadepth works with glasses on your comp. or t.v. nothing required these paintings are all hand-painted and one of a kind by artist Gregory M. Figg. ENJOY!

Time Tunnel

This piece is acrylic on canvas

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Figgdimension is in chromadepth 3-D
works on comp./t.v. any media

The Alchemist's

3D chromadepth illuminated painting
these shots all the same painting.
click photos to enlarge

Here's a city scape that's now available i've done a lot of cities but this one's unique the moon goes through phases and the whole piece illuminates and is 3D .. leave comment with e-mail for listing's