The Beach

The Beach
Gregory M. Figg copyright(c.) rights reserved

New Updated photos and the Beach revisited

This piece will be entered into an eco-art exhibit . The process of it changing with its environment is  achieved through particles added into the pigment and acrylic mediums that charge and sustain light causing a glow or illumination . The same particle is used in many modern applications like airport runway lines reflective emergency personnel uniforms(firemen jackets) and glow technologies . The chemical has varying and wide ranges of color and effects achieved through differing lighting , sunlight , u.v. lamps , lasers and more. If the painting is viewed in a room with bright lights or is exposed to direct light it reflects the lighting its viewed in such as a lite room the painting appears as in daylight , viewed in dark the Beach is seen at night with varying color aspects depending on light source and whats been exposed . The following photos of The Beach painting are of the same painting different lights . Please respect my copyright and if you must copy them add click through link to site and tagline : Gregory M. Figg 2010 artist copyright rights reserved
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The Beach slide show

The Beach in chromadepth 3-d
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