The Beach

The Beach
Gregory M. Figg copyright(c.) rights reserved

New work in progress

New minimalistic piece-prelim unfinished Iron Oxide & Gold mica flake

unfinished new work

all the same piece in progress
Sorry for the hack and all my deleted work they got in my Picassa and deleted source,..bare with me as I try to clean it all up I do have back-up and its more of a time consuming project but i have some new work and I'll be filling in as time allows thank you for you patience and understanding .

Gregory M. Figg

New work prelim 02 almost finished just a bit more i think...

Untitled from Gregory Figg on Vimeo.

New 3-d work prelim video 02 (unfinished)

Untitled from Gregory Figg on Vimeo.

New 3-d work prelim video 2011 G.M.Figg 2011

3-d  chromadepth video w/glasses rights common creative some rights reserved add copyright

"The Alchemist's " -G.M.Figg

3-d chromadepth , evolving art see the natural minerals precious and semi-precious stones as i sweep across it in different lighting charges from natural U.V.  no light needed  test video 01 Gregory M. Figg copyright 2011   3-d chromadepth lic.  Paper Optics

Clip from "Rejuvenate" early april 8th

Amazing dancing art! LOL...
 Check the few pieces left early on April 8th Rejuvenate the bass was making the art dance i broke a lightbulb but thats not an uncommon event so... lesson learned all in all, not a bad late night event for Cincinnati in the twilight of the  downtown dist. Enjoy!


Sneak Peek prelims video 2011

Exclusive Sneak Peek  new unfinished
"Into the mountains of madness" 
prelim video3-D chromadepth /illuminated testvideo01
Artist : Gregory M. Figg 2011