The Beach

The Beach
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3-d Glow Art Body Painting !!
Monster Mash Boat Cruise Halloween night!!
 Monster Mash
 Friday Oct 30 9-2 am
Queen City Riverboats
100 Ofallon Ave, Dayton, Kentucky 41074
 It's time to get your costumes out and set sail with the In the Groove crew! This year we are happy to collaborate with Kinetic Koncepts! More power on the boat + more sound!!! We are adding 2 generators to the madness.

Monster Mash has been running since 2000 and has been one of our biggest series ever!

Imagine you and a few hundred other Monsters cruising the Ohio river bouncing from room to room banging beats.

The lineup is nearly complete (please don't ask to play lol) Stay tuned for further information.

Costume Contest with $50.00 prize - crowd favorite is the theme for judging this year.

***This is also the Celebration of a very special lady's birthday! HaPpY BiRtHdAy Mamagroove!!!!!!!


Things to know:
1. The line starts filling around 9pm. The boat boards at 10ish.

2. The boat sets sail around 11:15 pm.
(always best to call your friends already there if you are close to making it so we will know)

3. Yes the boat leaves the dock and we cruise in front of Downtown Cincinnati (see line 2.)

4. The event is 17 & up w/ID - 21 to drink

5. The cost is $15.00 -this may seem steep but ask around it is well worth it. (breakdown - $13.00 to the boat owners - $2.00 for flyers, DJs, Sound, Decorations etc)

6. 2 cash bars on board - 1 with liquor & beer and a cash beer tub

7. Bring plenty of cash. CC is difficult to use and slows the alcohol line!!

8. see line 7!

9. See line 7 and say it out loud lol

10. The boats go rain or shine. They are covered on the top deck so rain isn't a problem. We also have heaters in case it is chilly.

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